Different Methods to Invest in Gold

Gold has been increasing in value as of late, and this trend seems to be only accelerating. Gold is one of those metals that does not have a great supply and one which is quite difficult to mine. Because of these factors, it can be fairly expensive to invest in gold, even though there are many different ways to invest in gold. Investing in gold is a good way to diversify your portfolio, and there are several different ways to invest in gold. If you want to invest in gold for the long term, and in a variety of locations, then you may want to consider investing in gold futures or gold ETFs.

Gold Futures

Gold futures can be used to purchase actual gold bars or coins. Gold futures are purchased at a fixed price set by the Gold Fixing and Price Service (GFP). When investing in gold with this method, you do not have to store the gold yourself. Instead, you place an order with the GFP and the gold is purchased and held at your account until you are ready to unload it. Usually you will have up to two weeks until the gold future is ready to be unloaded.

Gold IRAs

Another popular way of investing in gold is through Gold IRAs. With this type of investment, you receive an amount of cash that accumulates to a certain level over a certain period of time. During this accumulation, your IRA will earn tax-deferred profits. In the long term, you will make money by investing in gold. However, there are some risks involved in this type of investment; specifically, you will not know when the bull market will end and the prices will drop.

Gold ETFs

An interesting way of investing in gold is through Gold ETFs (exchange traded funds). Like gold futures, ETFs are bought and sold on the open market. Gold ETFs are traded like stocks, with shares bought at a price and sold at a different price. You will have to pay a commission for buying and selling these shares on the market. Investing in gold with this method, you can accumulate interest that accrues to a discount.


It is important to keep in mind that buying and selling Gold ETFs is just one of the options available to you as a investor. When investing in bullion or coins, you may want to consider investing in Gold Mine shares. Gold Mine shares are the actual gold mines and carry a high price per unit. If you buy a large enough quantity of Gold Mine shares at once, you could earn quite a profit. The price of Gold Mine shares fluctuates, but you would gain financially by buying when the price is low and sell when the price is high. Although there is no way of knowing for sure how Gold ETFs will do over time, this is still considered to be a sound investment option. Although Gold is not widely known, this type of investment will never go out of style and is always popular.

Gold Mine Shares

One method that can make you earn money from the investment opportunity of Gold ETFs, but which carries a risk of loss, is through the buying and selling Gold Mine shares. In the long term, this will earn you money if you determine that the price of Gold rises dramatically over the course of a few months. But, on the other hand, if Gold prices fall dramatically, you will not be able to sell your Gold Mine shares and suffer a financial loss. This is a sort of short term investment method which is popular among people who want to have an investment which has a greater potential for profit in the long term.


There are many different ways to invest in Gold. From gold derivatives to physical gold, the best method that you choose will depend on what you are expecting to achieve with the investment. If you wish to earn money from the market and invest for the long term, then Gold ETFs might be an ideal investment option for you.